Many people refer to single and multi-family homes in Hoboken as brownstones, even though many of them are made of brick or other materials. Most of them were built in the mid-1800s through the early 1900s. There are several different styles of architecture.

The early homes were of the Greek Revival Style (built around the 1840s) and the ones built a few decades later are of the Italianate-style of home (built in the 1850s and 1860s). However, housing needs continued to increase in Hoboken so much of the residential development occurred in the 1870 through the 1890s. Many have been updated to varying levels. Some are gutted and completely modern. Others boast modern conveniences while retaining original charm. Most of these homes do not have parking attached but there are parking options nearby. The houses all vary in width and depth. Usually homes on the cross streets (# streets) have lots of shorter depths so they don’t have a yard or much outdoor space. While most of the brownstones are located uptown, there are single and multi-family homes throughout the entire town.

Uptown Hoboken – Many streets uptown have beautifully refurbished brownstones and there are blocks that are almost entirely made up of one or two family homes (no condo buildings located on the block). Same lovely blocks are the 1200 blocks of Bloomfield and Garden Streets.

Hudson Street – Hudson Street has very large, often historic homes and this is one block where parking comes with the home in some cases.

Doctors Row  – The 900 block of Washington on the East side is often referred to as ‘Doctor’s Row’ because many years ago doctors would have an office on one floor of the building and live on the other floors. Many of these homes boast beautiful, unique original details.

Castle Point Terrace  – This is one area that houses that are detached and some include parking as well. This is the elevated area by Steven’s campus. The houses on the East side of the street often have views of NYC. While there are varying types of homes in this area, a lot of these homes were built a little later and they are of the Arts and Crafts style of home.

Midtown – There are many lovely brownstones located in the middle of town. There are often condo buildings and retail spaces mixed with single and multifamily homes in the midtown area. The great thing about this area is that all parts of town are easily accessible.